Monday, 4 August 2014

Room 17's Commonwealth Collaboration!

We learnt a lot about the Commonwealth Games while they were on in Glasgow.  We learnt about New Zealand and the athletes that competed for us.  We learnt a wee bit about Wales and how many medals they won.  We learnt what sports they play at the Games, and we learnt about what countries are part of the Commonwealth.
What else we learnt was how to work together to create a presentation on Google Docs.  Please have a look through what we learnt.

Innovative Aviator Commonwealth Games

On Monday we had a Commonwealth Games Day for the IAs.   We represented Wales and we took our flags to the courts to line up with us.

We got to play lots of cool games.  We started with the egg and spoon race.  There was also basketball, relays and loads of other sports.

We got points for sportsmanship and how well we played together.

When time was up we came back and lined up.  The teachers added up the points and we won the BRONZE MEDAL!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

WHOA! What happened to our classroom?

So Room 17 had a bit of drama today and we were KICKED out of our classroom!!!!!  We had to relocate to the hall.  Our pens, our cushions, our books and the computers came with us.  There was so much space and we loved it!

I wonder if we'll get to move in here?!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I was cleaning out my camera memory card and found the movie of the boys haka they did at the powhiri to welcome Mr Vasau.  Towards the end you can see some brave and clever Room 17 boys stand up with the Samoan group to perform.  I was so proud of everyone, what a welcome!!

Miss J


WOW! Today the Awesome Avengers got new Vodafone Warriors rain jackets and rain pants.  They are really warm and have lovely fleece inside to make them cosy.  They are nice because they have pockets in them.  It's winter so we need the jackets.  They have the Warriors pukana logo on the back of the jacket.

Thank you KidsCan and everyone who got us these swag as jackets and pants!

By Aisali and Margret and the rest of the Awesome Avengers

Monday, 28 July 2014

Chrome Books

We are really lucky this week in Room 17.  While Miss J is with us we are allowed to use all of the Chromebooks before they go out to classrooms.  We are doing a project on the Commonwealth Games.  It's called a collaboration because we are all working together to make something.  We are using google drive which is super cool because we can all work on the collaboration at the same time and see what everyone else is typing.  Miss J says we are super clever and are working together really well.  We have to remember to make sure of where we are typing so we don't delete pages.

You will need to watch this space to see our finished project!!!

Here are some photos of us working hard on the Chrome Books.

Our Powhiri for Mr Vasau

On Wednesday 23rd July we had a magnificent powhiri. We did it to introduce and celebrate our new principal. His name is Mr Vasau. First of all a lady called in the visitors and the whole school did a waiata. The visitors all walked up on to the stage. They were from Holy Family school in Wellington. Then there were some speeches and the Kapa Haka group and the Samoan group sang. They did speeches too and they sang a waiata. When Mrs Sheridan-Smith and Madeline gave Mr Vasau a lolly lei the Kapa Haka boys got up and did an amazing haka to welcome him. Mr Vasau gave a little speech and then all the adults went out to the staffroom and we went back to class. Welcome to Rowandale School Mr Vasau! 

 By Margret, Jack and Ayva